November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month

Did you know that November is “Adopt a Senior Pet” Month? We are passionate about giving senior or injured pets a second chance. There’s nothing better than offering a senior pet the love and care that will make the rest of his/her life safe and secure.

When adopting a senior, you have the advantage of a pet that is house trained and has good manners. All you need to add is love.

Not all pets are lucky enough to stay in a good home forever. Some people have to give their pets up do to finances or death of the owner, and therefore many senior pets end up in shelters, rescues or at the local animal control.

There are other ways to help if you can’t adopt a pet. Consider volunteering at your local shelter, donate money or goods such as blankets, food, bowls, towels. With so many abandoned and stray animals, shelters are hard pressed to take care of them all without your help. And you have that good feeling knowing you’ve saved a life.

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