Pet Holidays-July/Aug./Sept/ 2012

JULY 2012:

Wild About Wildlife Month

Dog House Repairs Month

July 4th – A fun day for us, but fireworks, noise, BBQs can be scary and hazardous to our pets. Watch them carefully.

July 15th – National Pet Fire Safety Day

July 31st – Mutts’ Day

AUGUST 2012:

August 1st – North Shore, the largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization, has designated this day as Dogiest Universal Birthday for shelter dogs and all shelter animals whose birthdays are unknown.

August 5th – Work Like a Dog Day

August 5th-11th – International Assistance Dog Week

August 9th – National Assistance Dog Day

August 31st – International Homeless Animals’ Day designated by the International Society for Animal Rights


National Disaster Awareness Month led by Fema’s Ready Campaign, Citizen Corps, The Advertising Council

September 9th – National Pet Memorial Day established by the International Association of Pet Cemeteries

September 23rd – Dogs in Politics Day in recognition of politicians’ dogs

September 24th-28th – National Dog Week

September 24th-28th – Deaf Pet Awareness Week designated by

September 28th – World Rabies Day, sponsored by Global Alliance for Rabies Control

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