Adopting 2 Cats Together


You’re all set to go to the shelter to adopt a cat – one cat.

Arriving at the shelter, a member of the staff shows you around the adoptable cats area and you notice a particular twosome that are caged together. Watching them interact, you realize that they share more than just an enclosure – they are bonded together. And that’s how you adopt two cats at the same time.

We know that kittens and puppies are adorable and watching their antics is fun, but adopting adult pets has many benefits.

The personalities of adult cats are well formed so you know a lot about their behavior.

Adult cats are less likely to be destructive. Having a playmate can help curb unwanted behaviors.

A two cat home offers more exercise and play.

Adult cats don’t require the same attention as kittens and can turn to each other for company if you’re busy.

Research has shown that two cats living and playing together are generally happier and healthier.

Shelters usually pair animals who are bonded together. Separating them can have harmful effects on both.

And you will be lucky enough to be on the receiving end of double love. You will also have saved two lives.

On a personal note: Some time after losing her beloved sweet Siamese to a devastating illness, my daughter wanted to adopt a cat of similar breed. The shelter called to let her know they found a male Siamese mix and asked if she would be interested. After a resounding yes, we made the trip to the shelter.

The cat turned out to be about 4 months old and perfect in every way. Knowing that black cats are difficult to place and well… we were there anyway, my daughter found a lively black female, also about 4 months of age. (Both cats had been spayed/neutered).

I’m happy to say Raven and Gryphon are both happy and healthy in their new home, although we haven’t asked Pugsly (the Pug), Pretzel (the Dachshund/Whippet mix), Snoopy (a black and white cat), all rescues, and Shemesh (the Sun Conure) how they feel about the not-so-newbies after living with them for a few months.

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