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Adopting a Feral Dog

Feral dogs, dogs that are abandoned or born to feral dogs will revert back to their wild behavior and usually live in packs. In many cultures dogs are not viewed as pets, they either must work for their food or just as often find it themselves or are left to roam at will. Fortunately, there […]

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Soi Dog Foundation

Located in Phuket, Thailand, the Soi Dog Foundation was created by Margot Homburg Park and retirees John and Gill Dalley. It is the only foundation of its kind registered with the Thai government. It is a fast growing international organization in Southeast Asia as well as Australia, Holland, France, the United Kingdom and the United […]

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Shelter Dogs Learn to Drive

You’ve seen this in cartoons, but now it’s for real – dogs learning to drive cars. The Auckland, New Zealand SPCA CEO, Christine Kalin and noted animal trainer Mark Vette are teaching dogs to drive cars. Ms. Kalin came up with the idea in order to prove to people how smart shelter dogs are. She […]


Reading Shelter Cage Cards

You’ve done your research and you’ve found the pet that’s right for you. You’re ready to head out to the shelter to look for your best pal. When you arrive at the shelter and shown to the area where the cages are, you will see, attached to each individual cage, a “cage card” that will […]

Adoption Grief

Adopting a Pet After a Loss

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross was a psychiatrist who dealt with death and dying and introduced what is known as the the 5 stages of grief. Denial – shock and numbness Anger – rage at everyone and everything and pain beyond belief Bargaining – promising to do anything to spare a loved one or bring them back, “if […]

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When You Must Re-Home Your Pet

There are times, when to to unforeseen circumstances, you must find a new home for your pet. An owner passes away, a family loses their home due to financial problems, disasters, someone in the armed forces being stationed in an area where it’s impossible to bring a pet along – these are some examples of […]

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No Kill Advocacy Reports on Safest Day

The No Kill Advocacy Center reports success on their No Kill Just One Day Campaign campaign. June 11, 2012 we asked shelters across the country to stop killing so that we can become a No Kill nation for Just One Day. We challenged them to put down the “euthanasia needles” and pick up cameras instead: […]

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Best Friends-No Kill Spreading

With the help of Best Friends Animal Society, West Valley City, Utah, a suburb of Salt Lake City, passed a council resolution in February to go no-kill. Along with city officials, Best Friends has worked out a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that has passed the council as of June 5th 2012. The mayor of Taylorsville, […]

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Should You Adopt an Exotic Pet?

Exotic pets are usually defined as anything other than the typical domesticated animals. Exotic pets include snakes, lizards, weasels, tropical birds, wild animals and more. If you’re thinking of adopting an exotic pet, here are some points to consider: Contents 1 Advantages of owning an exotic pet 2 Disadvantages of owning an exotic pet 3 […]

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Black Cat and Dog Syndrome

Did you know that shelters report that black cats and dogs are most often overlooked because of their color? They are the last pets people choose to adopt because they are black. I couldn’t believe it, but sadly it’s true. There are cultures, including our own, that believe black cats (and dogs too) are unlucky […]