Shelter Dogs Learn to Drive

Dog Driving

You’ve seen this in cartoons, but now it’s for real – dogs learning to drive cars.

The Auckland, New Zealand SPCA CEO, Christine Kalin and noted animal trainer Mark Vette are teaching dogs to drive cars. Ms. Kalin came up with the idea in order to prove to people how smart shelter dogs are. She hopes that this will improve the chances for these wonderful dogs to be adopted.

Often, people are hesitant about adopting shelter dogs because they feel the dogs are discarded due to some problem. However in most instances the problem is the former owner who may be unwilling to make a commitment to care for the dog properly.

Ms. Kalin knows that even old dogs can learn new tricks and 8 weeks of training to learn to drive a car proves her point.

Given the care and training with love in good measure thrown in, every shelter dog has the potential to be an excellent family companion.

You may not be ready to let a dog drive your car, but please look for your next best friend at an animal shelter. You would be amazed at what these intelligent creatures are capable of.

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