ASPCA – Dogs in Pickup Trucks

Dog Pickup

Driving on highways or city streets, you’ve probably observed unrestrained dogs in the back of pickup trucks. Did you know that a number of states have banned this practice? Some states have banned transporting loose dogs and children from riding in the back of low-sided pickup trucks.

Even with the best trained and obedient animals, they can be tempted and often do respond to stimuli such as sighting another dog or a cat. They can, on impulse, suddenly jump out of the truck, causing injury or death to themselves and major traffic accidents.

Pets and children should be restrained even when riding inside a moving vehicle. Seat-belts for everyone and special pet restraints help keep us all safe in moving vehicles.

You can help if you witness a loose dog in the bed of a pickup truck. Try to get the license plate number if it’s safe for you to do so and call the local police with the information. The ASPCA suggests rather than dialing 911, have the local precinct number on your cell phone.

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