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Spaying/Neutering Pet Pigs

Unless you plan on breeding your pet pig, s/he should be spayed or neutered. Males are neutered and females are spayed. Male pigs are usually smelly and very aggressive if not neutered. Neutering helps avoid infections and cancer of the reproductive organs. Male pot-bellied pigs can become sexually active at 4 weeks old and can […]

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Largest Hen’s Egg in the World

February 25 has been designated as the day to celebrate the hen that laid the largest egg. As of August 5, 2008, the world’s record for the largest egg laid by a hen took place in Cuba. The one year old Cuban hen named Titi belonged to the Martinez-Guerra family of Campo Florido, Cuba which […]

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HSUS-Force-feeding Ducks for Foie Gras

California lawmakers passed a bill in 2004 phasing out force-feeding ducks to produce foie gras – literally, a fatty liver. The law goes into effect June 2012. Guillermo Gonzales of Sonoma Foie Gras, major producer of foie gras, along with some other chefs are proposing an override of the law, backing down on his promise […]

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Duck Feeding – Why Not to Feed Wild Ducks

Who doesn’t have fond childhood memories of feeding ducks in the park or the local pond? Unfortunately this practice is unhealthy for the ducks as well as for people. Feeding wild ducks leads to: Poor nutrition – Birds eating human foods will suffer from malnutrition. They will fill up on bread and crackers instead of […]

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The Farm Animal Sanctuary

Description: There are very few places throughout the world where farm animals can find sanctuary to be able to live out their lives in peace, to be treated with kindness and respect. We watch these animals become comfortable and confident. We see their characters develop. We admire their intelligence and the way they embrace their […]

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Animal Rights and Your Food

Modern agriculture’s factory farm system often involves cruelty to animals. The factory farms focus on maximum output with minimum input. As a result, animals are often confined to small spaces, fed drugs to fatten them up, transported in terrible conditions and genetically altered. Chickens raised for their flesh, or “broilers,” are kept in overcrowded sheds […]

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HSUS-McDonald’s Statement

In a statement made with HSUS and McDonald’s, the largest restaurant chain in the world, it was announced that it will no longer use gestation crates for breeding sows in the United States. It began 10 years ago when Florida voters made their state the first to ban gestation crates for breeding pigs. Since then […]

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To Buy or Not – Free Range

The term, free range, refers to animals that are allowed to roam freely without being restrained. Chickens are sometimes referred to as cage-free. Eggs from free range chickens are included. Free range does not necessarily mean organic. The Organic Food Production Act of 1990 requires that an animal be fed pesticide-free and chemical-free organic food […]

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The Wool Industry

Wild sheep shed their wool naturally, but domestic sheep have been bred to have thick heavy coats. The Merino, Australia‘s most commonly raised sheep, is bred to have wrinkly skin that produces more wool. Merinos don’t shed and due to their coat’s thickness, they can die in the summer if they are not sheared. Sheep […]

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The Truth Behind Australia’s Live Sheep Export

The link to Australia on the page regarding the QLD floods, states that the Live Export Trade is regulated and that there are qualified and experienced animal handlers, including an Australian veterinarian and stockmen, on board the ships. Yes, one vet for 30,000 or more sheep per voyage. The transport and handling of the sheep […]