Rabbit-Proof Your House

House Rabbit

The purpose of rabbit-proofing your home is to protect your rabbit from harm as well as to protect your belongings. If your rabbit has the run of the whole house, rabbit-proofing will have to be extensive. You can also choose to give him free reign only in one room or in an enclosed area, and rabbit-proof only in that area.

Electric wires can be extremely dangerous for your rabbit. He could be badly burned or electrocuted. Due to the severity of the danger, it is not enough to train your rabbit to stay away from wires. Use spiral cable wrap, plastic tubing or wire-concealers. You can run your wires under or behind furniture, but it is a fire hazard to run them under carpets.

Some house plants are toxic. If you must have toxic plants, hang them from the ceiling. Placing them on a high shelf is not sufficient. Make sure that no leaves have fallen to the floor.

Food and ashtrays should be kept out of reach of your rabbit. Garbage cans should have lids and be sufficiently heavy so that the rabbit can’t knock them over. Cleaning supplies should be kept on a high out-of-reach shelf. Use childproof locks on kitchen cupboards and other storage spaces.

To protect your baseboards and wooden furniture, place a board over them so that the rabbit can safely chew on the board instead. Combine this with training your rabbit not to chew on these items. Rabbits like to hide under upholstered furniture and beds, and sometimes burrow into the soft underside. A flat cardboard box or frame of 2x4s, smaller than the area of the future base, will keep the rabbit out. If your rabbit is chewing on walls, plastic panels can be affixed to them. Placing furniture against the wall where the rabbit most likes to chew is helpful too. Curtains should not be full-length and their cords shouldn’t be in the rabbit’s reach. Keep books and newspapers out of reach and closets closed.

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