Dogs Eating Snow and Acid Rain

Dog Snow

Most dogs, especially those with coats that have good insulation, enjoy playing in the snow. Running through snow drifts, rolling in the white stuff, all looks like good fun.

Some dogs even like to chomp on snow – after all it’s water in another form.

In most instances, eating snow is not a problem. But many sidewalks and streets are treated with snow and ice removal products that can be toxic to dogs.

If you walk your dog in areas you suspect have been treated, walking on leash is a good idea. You have more control over your dog’s actions.

Before taking your dog out for a walk, encourage her/him to drink. It might help to satisfy the need for wet stuff.

Carry treats with you. In this way, when your dog might want to chow down on snow, you can substitute a treat.

As for acid rain, not much we can do about falling rain. But drinking from puddles is not a good idea and should be discouraged. Besides being dirty, puddles can contain different types of bacteria. So try to avoid them.

If your dog seems to be eating snow or drinking excessively, s/he should have a checkup at the vet’s to rule out any illness.

When walking your dog in the snow, especially in areas where the snow and ice have been treated, some of the products used can cling to paws. As soon as you come home, wash your dog’s paws with some warm, soapy water. Rinse and dry them thoroughly. Following this procedure will ensure that your dog doesn’t ingest any toxic product when licking paws.

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