Successful Pet Adoptions Despite Joint Degeneration In Dogs

We all know puppies are always going to be in high demand from families looking to adopt a dog as their family pet. But what about other demographics? Where is the interest if you’re looking to adopt a pet but you don’t have children? And what about older dogs with issues like joint degeneration, would you do a pet adoption despite joint degeneration in dogs?
And speaking of that, if you don’t have children would you actually consider adopting a dog in place of having a child?
These are some of the questions Flexcin wanted to find out about in response to conversations and feedback it had with operators and owners of shelters working with the FlexPet Shelter Program, which helps older dogs get healthier to become more adoptable. FlexPet helps dogs increase overall joint mobility, reducing degenerative joints in pets and joint discomfort in pets.
“Without a doubt, when it comes to young couples we see more people choosing older dogs over the puppies when adopting,” said Brenda Megel, owner of Southeast Pug Rescue. “Interestingly enough, we’re also noticing that young couples are waiting longer to have children and they’re seeking out older dogs for adoption as a way to fill that void in companionship.”
Highlighted by a live appearance on, Flexcin completed its survey and went on a media tour talking about the trend. Watch the segment here:
Two popular pets columnists, Janice Lloyd and Patty Khuly, also took notice and interest in the poll and study. One article offered up its own poll while the other article went into great depth analyzing the societal trends shaping the reasons why couples may be choosing dogs over children.
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