Is Your Home Pet-Safe?

Cat and Dog

There are a number of items in our homes that we don’t think twice about but that can injure a pet.

Opening and closing doors can present a danger, particularly to small pets. Be aware of where your pet is, open and close doors slowly so no one is hurt. If it’s an outside door, your pet might think it’s an invitation to leave. Unless you have a fenced-in area, be on the alert.

Don’t leave your medications or your pet’s medications where a curious pet can find them. Your meds can be toxic to your pet. And so can overdoses of your pet’s own medications.

Keep kitchen and bathroom counters and tables clear of anything that you think can pose a problem to your pet. You’d be amazed what pets find interesting to eat. Depending on your pet’s activities, breakables can cause cuts and severe bleeding. Foods left on counters could be toxic to your pet.

If your pet is the chewy kind, make sure all electrical wires are out of reach. Offer your pet toys to entertain him/her and keep away from danger. There are toys made today that are practically indestructible. But always check your pet’s toys to make sure they can’t be accidentally swallowed or cause other injury.

Some pets find cleaning products interesting and will taste-test them. Be sure to keep them in places your pet can’t get into.

Clothing, particularly your dirty clothing, can attract your pet and become a choking hazard. Keep out of reach.

Cats should be provided with break-away collars to avoid getting caught on something and choking or hanging. If you leave your dog or cat in the house alone, especially when in a crate, it might be a good idea to remove the collar.

A word of caution. One of the most dangerous places to leave your pet is in the garage. Your pet is apt to lick up whatever is on the floor of the garage and you can bet it will be a toxic substance. You probably have tools, nails and other interesting (to your pet) objects stored in the garage. Try to avoid leaving your pet in the garage. If this is not possible, please be sure there is nothing your pet can get into that will harm him.

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