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Total Recall: What It Means When a Pet Food Gets Recalled

You’ve undoubtedly heard about the round after round of recalls that many pet foods experienced back in 2007. What does it mean when a pet product has a recall? Can the company be trusted again? First, let’s look at it from the viewpoint of the consumer, the person who buys the food. From what I’ve […]

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Feeding Your Pets Raw Food

There are many proponents on both sides, pro and con, for feeding your dog and cat raw food. Many pet owners are convinced that raw feeding is better for their pets. And recent pet food recalls have encouraged pet owners to feed raw or home-cooked food to their pets as they can control what goes […]

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Pet Carriers

The type of carrier you choose depends on your needs…and the size of your pet. Obviously, dogs weighing more than 25 lbs. can be difficult to haul around in a carrier. Of course you can always get a wagon to pull your 150-200 lbs. Mastiff. Actually there are airline carriers made for large dogs who […]

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Automatic Feeders for Fish

Fish generally need to be fed once a day. They should not be overfed and shouldn’t miss meals either. If you are on vacation and away from your aquarium, one solution is to use an automatic feeder. An automatic feeder should not be used to feed your fish on a regular basis, since it can’t […]

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Feeding Your Ferret

Ferrets are carnivores and don’t get any nutritional benefits from eating plants. Their diet must be high in animal protein, high in fat, and low in fiber. Ferrets have a short digestive system and a quick metabolism. Food should always be available to them. Obesity is not a concern, since ferrets only eat as much […]

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FlexPet’s Shelter Program Free Trial

Hi everyone, I wanted to share some more information about the FlexPet4Shelters program. Through Flexcin International’s FlexPet Shelter Program, we hope to see abandoned pets get a second chance. We are very confident with FlexPet but understand you may want to try it at your shelter before making an investment or starting to sell it. […]

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The human factor and the pet food supplement industry

Much has been said about how the relationship between people and their favorite pets affects both sides. According to one popular theory, pets tend to resemble their caregivers. Another old adage links human obesity to the tendency of their dogs to suffer from overweight. Now, another link has been discovered, indicating that there is a […]

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Pet Prebiotic: Viyo

Prebiotics have been making waves in the health product market across the world, offering a boost for the human body’s natural defense with products such at Yakult and Actimel. This recent success prompted the creation of Viyo prebiotic drink for pets. As with humans, 70% of the natural defence system of a dog or cat […]


PetMap Blood Pressure Device

petMap is a small, pocket-size blood pressure measurement device designed specifically for cats and dogs. It provides systolic, diastolic, MAP and heart rate. The manufacturer’s claims are accuracy, sensitivity and performance. The cuff has 11 sizes to fit cats and dogs. It is easy to use as it can be held in one hand. petMap […]

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Our Natural Pets

Dog Fancy magazine has created a new magazine on sale in August called “Natural Dog.”** Natural Dog was a feature section of Dog Fancy on a couple of occasions and has been well received. Can “Natural Cat” be far behind? Since so many of us have gone the “natural” way to care for our pets, […]