The human factor and the pet food supplement industry

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Much has been said about how the relationship between people and their favorite pets affects both sides. According to one popular theory, pets tend to resemble their caregivers. Another old adage links human obesity to the tendency of their dogs to suffer from overweight.

Now, another link has been discovered, indicating that there is a clear correlation between the use of dietary supplements by pet owners and their willingness to provide their four-legged friends with nutrition supplements.

A survey conducted by Packaged Facts indicates that the consumption of food supplements for pets rises from 21 percent of dog owners overall to 28% of dog owners who personally take supplements. The same applies to cat owners with 20% of those who take supplements reporting that they also give it to their furry pals as compared to an average of 15% of general caregivers.

Taking into account that the number of Americans using dietary supplements is constantly on the rise (currently some 65%), it is clear that demand for pet food supplements will further increase in coming years. Add to this the fact that the percentage of American dog and cat owners who personally take supplements stands at 59% and 63% respectively, the trend is likely to be translated to further growth in this huge potential market.

The pet humanization trend can also be seen in another poll conducted online by Packaged Facts in which 91% of respondents answered positively to the question: Do you consider your pet to be part of the family? Not surprisingly, the highest response rates were among aging Baby Boomers, Empty Nesters, seniors, singles and childless couples. It is no wonder therefore that the research authors concluded that “with their inherent, value-added health appeal, pet supplements and nutraceutical treats fit the pet pampering bill perfectly.”

Since the supplement category is one of the few pet categories that have continued to increase during the current economy, it only stands to reason that a supplement that pets enjoy and look forward to as if it were one of their favorite treats will be welcomed by discriminating pet parents as another positive way to interact with their pets while looking out for their pets’ health.

The article was written by Jim Boyd, US National Sales Manager at NoviPet.

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