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Tessa couldn’t climb the stairs

Here’s a great story we received from one of our customers on our Facebook page: I adopted Tessa at 8 y/o as her family no longer wanted her. I am an avid hiker and Tessa enjoys 3 miles on the trails each day. Two years ago she became unable to jump into the back of […]

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Message and Breakaway Collars for Dogs

Dexil, a company in the United Kingdom, has devised collars with a message. When walking your dog, the Dexil Friendly Dog Collars make people aware of your dog’s temperament and whether or not s/he is approachable. The system hopes to avoid unwanted encounters, both with humans and their dogs. There are different colored collars, harnesses […]

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Choosing dog toys for chewy dogs

All dogs love to chew. Unfortunately, they are not fussy about what they chew on. It could be your favorite sweater or that new pair of shoes you left out. But there is help in the form of many toys made for dogs to chew on. Here are some simple guidelines. First, make sure the […]

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Physical Aids for Dogs

Sometimes our beloved companions suffer illnesses, accidents or just the infirmities of old age. There are aids available to ease their pain and discomfort. There are also many safety supports and healing supports for pets. The cruciate ligament helps to hold the knee joint together. When this ligament is torn there is pain and swelling […]

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Dog Beds

Believe it or not your dog will tell you what kind of bed he prefers. Just watch the way your do sleeps – curled up, stretched out. on his back or tummy, with a pillow. There are many types of beds to make your dog comfortable. And they come in colors and patterns to match […]

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What Dog Clippers Suit Your Pet The Best?

If your pet needs special grooming on a regular basis, a way to save some money is to invest in a good set of dog clippers and do it yourself. There are a lot of different types of clippers to choose from. Some are even breed specific. You also have a choice between cordless dog […]

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Potential Life-saving Dog Collar

Named “The Dog Caller,” this collar has a SIM card, thermistor to monitor temperatures around the dog, LEDs and a coded chip. This new high-tech collar could warn you when your dog is overheating. When temperatures reach a point that is too high for safety, a signal is sent to you, the owner, alerting you […]

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Finding Pet Food for Dogs with Sensitive Stomachs

My dog suffers from a squeaky stomach. You know those crazy noises that come from the dog’s belly after it eats? I didn’t give it much thought at first but after a recent trip to the vet, I discovered it was my dog’s food. After some research and tests with different types of dog food, […]

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Choosing the Right Dog Muzzle

At some point in a dog’s life, wearing a muzzle may be necessary – at the vet’s or groomer’s, public areas. Some communities have made it a law to muzzle your dog in public. There are a number of different types of muzzles to choose from depending on what it will be used for, your […]

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Dog Health, are Vitamin Supplements Necessary?

Hello dog lovers. Like many of you, I too see a lot of advertisements and discussion about using dog supplements or dog vitamins. Everything from joint supplements for dogs, all the way to adding muscle to your dogs! Which supplement to choose and are they even necessary? Let me answer these questions with personal experiences […]