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ALERT – Real Ham Bone for Dogs

ALERT – The FDA is checking into complaints that treats from Dynamic Pet Products are causing illness and death in their dogs. The complaints center around Real Ham Bone for Dogs which is a smoked pig femur sold as a dog treat or chew bone. Ir is distributed under the Dynamic Pet Products label of […]

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ALERT – Natural Balance Dog Food

ALERT – Natural Balance Sweet Potato and Chicken Dry Dog Food manufactured on December 17, 2009 has been recalled due to salmonella contamination. Joey Herrick, President of Natural Balance Dog Food has issued a recall although there have been no complaints as yet. Affected are the 5 lb. and 28 lb. Sweet Potatoe and Chicken […]

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Spending On Pets Continues To Rise

Do you pamper your pets? No, really, we’re not talking about splurging here or there, buying an extra bone at the pet store or even shopping for an outfit. We’re talking lots of pampering when it comes to spending on pets. Heck, do you spend more on your pet’s health care than your own – […]

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Reflective Dog Collars Protect Your Pet

Speaking of dogs, reminds us of many a stories and films, which have been centered on these responsible and dutiful pets. It requires lots of responsibility on your part to become a proud dog owner. To befriend and take care of your dog, you need to know what is best for him. Dog collars are […]

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Praise for the Paw Plunger

I don’t usually endorse a product as I find a lot of them don’t live up to their hype. But I have to praise the PawPlunger. I have a good-sized garden that I’ve tried to make as pet-friendly as I can. Since the dogs spend a good deal of time outside, I don’t have grass; […]

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Never Lose Your Best Friend Again With A GPS Dog Collar

Get yourself one of the greatest gifts that you can with a GPS dog collar. Nothing is worse than going to the backyard and realizing that your dog has either escaped through a hole in the fence or someone has taken from your yard. In either scenario, your best friend is gone. For those that […]

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K9 Magazine Reviews FlexPet with CM8

K9 Magazine’s dog reviewer, Chloe the dog, reviews FlexPet with CM8, a vitamin supplement for pets with arthritis. Check out page 27 of the current issue online at! Related articles: Understanding Arthritis in Cats and Dogs

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Food and Water Equipment for Dogs

Food and water bowls come in different sizes and different materials to suit your dog and you. Some available are stainless steel, ceramic and plastic. You can personalize them by having your dog’s name printed on your bowl of choice. Most are dishwasher safe. Le Bistro is one firm that makes an electronic feeder, but […]

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Protect Your Pets From Sunburn

There’s nothing like a good tan to make us look healthy. But in recent years skin cancers have been on the rise. Humans have now learned how to protect themselves from sunburn and dangerous sun rays. And we’ve discovered that our pets also need protection from harmful sun rays. Pets that are most affected by […]