Protect Your Pets From Sunburn

There’s nothing like a good tan to make us look healthy. But in recent years skin cancers have been on the rise. Humans have now learned how to protect themselves from sunburn and dangerous sun rays.

And we’ve discovered that our pets also need protection from harmful sun rays.

Pets that are most affected by rays are those with white fur, have had their hair clipped, have very short hair often with skin exposed on face and belly and hairless pets.

Providing shady areas outdoors for your pet will help lower the risk of sunburn. Lots of fresh water will help decrease the risk of sunstroke.

If your pet is confined to an enclosed outdoor area, purchase a cover for the top that will block out the sun.

Extra care needs to be taken with products used for pets as they will lick off anything applied to their bodies.

The FDA has approved a sunscreen named Epi-Pet Sun Protector for use on dogs and horses. However it is NOT safe for use on cats and may be toxic to them. Epi-Pet hopes to have a sunscreen available for cats by next year.

Apply the product to areas with sparse hair growth – nose, ear tips, belly and groin.

Before using any product on your pet, check with your veterinarian. Never apply any product without your vet’s approval.

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