Arthritis Natural Pain Relief for Pets

FlexPet with CM8 is the most comprehensive joint care supplement available. To properly combat joint pain and stiffness, a quality supplement must include a combination of ingredients that will lubricate the joints, reduce inflammation and nourish cartilage. As you are probably aware, supplement manufacturing is an industry that is self-policed, the FDA does not oversee supplements since they are neither food nor drug. Many times independent analysis has revealed lower than advertised efficacy rates and/or impurities in several supplements on the market. Best case scenario in these instances was that animals weren’t helped but weren’t hurt either. The worst case scenario can be, and has been, tragic. Flexcin International Inc. rigorously executes quality control protocol during every step of the manufacturing process. All of our raw materials come from North American sources only. Before we accept shipment of our raw materials, they are tested for purity and efficacy. Raw materials are then formulated and more testing is performed to ensure proper levels of each ingredient. Once our active ingredients have been blended with our flavor formulation and pressed, the chewable tablets are tested before bottling. Finally, random samples of bottled product are tested as a final measure. Learn more HERE.

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