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GPS Systems and Guide Dogs

A new system of GPS has come into use the for visually-impaired and their guide dogs (users of canes as well). There are several voice activated systems on the market, designed to complement a guide dog. Since only a small percentage of visually-impaired people venture to new places, the GPS systems can open a whole […]

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Protect dog walkers, riders, and their pets from outdoor shocks

HOW TO SLAY AN INVISIBLE DANGER. Blair Sorrel, Founder Contact voltage is a chronic hidden hazard that can readily victimize an unsuspecting dog, walker, or both. No dog lover could possibly observe a more horrifying scene than witnessing his beloved pet instantaneously maimed or tragically electrocuted. When you exercise your pooch, please exercise greater […]

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What products are available for dogs?

There are so many new and wonderful products available for dogs these days. We’d like to talk about them and would appreciate your input and experience with any of the products mentioned. Before using any grooming aid make it a positive experience fo your dog. Pet him, tickle him, whatever you do to make him […]