Praise for the Paw Plunger

I don’t usually endorse a product as I find a lot of them don’t live up to their hype. But I have to praise the PawPlunger.

I have a good-sized garden that I’ve tried to make as pet-friendly as I can. Since the dogs spend a good deal of time outside, I don’t have grass; instead I opted for gravel. When I water the garden, there are places around the plants that are just soil. And when the rains come, there’s lots of mud. My sweet Murphy is a digger and invariably chooses to dig in the mud. Cleaning her was such a chore requiring bending over and trying to prevent her from escaping while doing the best I could washing her paws. Then I read about the PawPlunger and decided anything would be better than the method I was using. So I purchased the large size. And after watering the garden today, I finally had reason to use it. It’s so simple – just open the container, fill with water as high as necessary. Then put the pup’s paw in and with an up and down motion, the brushes do the cleaning. All I had to do was wipe Murphy’s paws dry. This took at most a few minutes. Of course I did this outdoors and when Murphy went inside, no paw prints all over the floors and rugs. No need to scrub several times a day to keep the floors clean. The insides of the PawPlunger look like a mini carwash. And the dirty water just went into the garden. I can’t wait to use the PawPlunger for my 110 lb. German Shepherd. I think it’s a great product and am so grateful to the inventor.

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