Do Dogs Need Sweaters

Dog Sweater

The dog clothing industry has become a multi-million dollar business. With movies such as “Legally Blonde” and Paris Hilton showing off her furpal in different outfits, it’s no wonder that pet clothing sells so well.

The truth is most dogs don’t need sweaters, coats, etc. Dogs that are taken for long walks or runs, even in cold weather, can actually become too warm and even suffer heatstroke.

Most dogs have thick undercoats that protect them from all weather conditions. Sled dogs are tested for their resistance to the cold. They sleep in snow for one night and if the snow has melted, the dog is rejected. Dogs that can tolerate that kind of cold definitely don’t need sweaters and don’t do well in warm climates.

However dogs such as chihuahuas and greyhounds, dogs with short coats or little or no undercoat, could benefit from wearing a sweater when temperatures dip below freezing. And a water-resistant coat isn’t a bad idea when you must take your dog out and it’s raining. Just keep an eye out for any discomfort your dog may be having.

Most dogs don’t enjoy wearing boots and have a sort of prancing step when wearing them. But they do protect feet, especially from snow and ice and the salt that’s spread to melt them.

I have found the PawPlunger to do an excellent job of cleaning paws and removing any debris from a walk outdoors.

Note: Salt spread on snowy or icy walks is not an edible treat for dogs. It’s mined along with our table salt, but without the refinements to remove impurities. It may contain substances toxic to dogs.

Of course, there’s lots of clothing available for all sizes of dogs to use as dress-up. There’s clothing for weddings, holidays, sports events and just for fun.

But do our dogs really enjoy wearing all that stuff? They tolerate all our fussing because they love us unconditionally. I think they secretly would rather just enjoy a bone in a quiet corner.

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