Grooming Aids for Dogs

Dog Grooming

There is an endless variety of grooming aids on the market for dogs. Here are some of interest.

Shampoos – Some are deodorizers, flea and tick preventives, herbal, puppy, moisturizers and dry shampoos for times a wet wash just can’t be done. There are a number of shampoos available for specific skin problems and shampoos with all natural ingredients.

Shampoo brushes help with deep cleaning.

Doggie Wipes help keep the dog’s coat clean in-between baths.

Many dog tubs have easy entry, especially good for large breeds and some have sprayers attached. They can be used indoors or outdoors, weather permitting.

Evercare and Drs. Foster and Smith make a professional pet drying towel that is super absorbent. There are pet dryers that can be used after toweling the dog and aid in speeding drying.

Check combs and brushes that are specifically made for different types of dog coats. There are mat removers, shedding rakes and combs, flea combs, medium and coarse-toothed combs to name a few.

Furminator, Fur Buster and Andis have a de-shedding tool that is gently combed through the dog’s coat to remove loose hair.

Clipping your dog’s coat is made easier using electric clippers/trimmers or battery powered ones.

There are special looped leashes that allow you to control your dog gently while bathing him.

For short, dry coats, try grooming gloves that remove loose hair and allow you to gently massage your dog at the same time.

The task of grooming your dog will be much easier if you begin early and introduce him gently to all the tools you are using. Before using any grooming aid make it a positive experience for your dog. Pet him, tickle him, whatever you do to make him feel safe, secure and loved.

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