Food and Water Equipment for Dogs


Food and water bowls come in different sizes and different materials to suit your dog and you. Some available are stainless steel, ceramic and plastic. You can personalize them by having your dog’s name printed on your bowl of choice. Most are dishwasher safe.

Le Bistro is one firm that makes an electronic feeder, but there are several types of automatic feeders available.

There are elevated feeders with metal or stoneware bowls. Elevated feeders may be more comfortable for older dogs and/or dogs with bock or joint problems. Elevated bowls also help keep the food and water area cleaner.

There are bowls with protrusions in the center that slow your dog’s eating (check Brake-Fast and Dura-Pet. They claim to help reduce the chances of bloat occuring.
You can purchase colorful plastic mats to put under your dog’s bowls which help to keep the feeding area cleaner. offers water bottle adapters that allow your dog to take that much needed drink on long walks and/or in hot weather when a bowl just isn’t convenient. The tops fit most standard-size water bottles.

Some automatic pet water bowls can hold over 1 gallon of water (check out Drinkwell and Fesh Flow Pet Fountains). A pump circulates water continuously and filters out impurities (you adjust the flow).

There are easy to pack and carry food and water bags and bowls for traveling.
Dog food companies have storage containers, some large enough to hold a 40 lb. bag of food.

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