Fire Belly Toad

Fire Belly Toad

The Fire Belly Toad is native to southern and southeastern Asia. They make good pets for beginners.

Fire Belly Toads are about 2 inches long. Lifespan is about 10-15 years. Most have green and black backs, but there are some that are brown. They were given the name Fire Belly because of the vivid orange and black on their bellies. This coloration warns predators that the toad is toxic. You should avoid handling the toad if you have cuts on your hands. In any case, wash hands thoroughly after handling the toad. They are land/water toads meaning they are semi-aquatic. They will tolerate some handling.

Two or three toads can live comfortably in a minimum 10 gallon tank. Make sure the lid is secure and they have good ventilation. The tank should be cleaned and water changed regularly to avoid toxin buildup. Do not house with other creatures.

Since the toads are semi-aquatic, half the tank should be land and the other half water 2-4 inches deep. Ideal tank temperature is 75-78 degrees. Provide rocks, live or artificial plants with areas for the toads to hide in. Use a water filter in the tank. The water area can be lined with gravel. Frequent water changes are necessary to clear away waste.

Fire Belly Toads use their front legs to push food into their mouths. They live on earthworms, waxworms and sometimes even fish like guppies. Your pet food supplier has the proper food. They eat 2-3 times a week.

Note: Frogs and toads in the wild are declining, so when purchasing try to buy only captive bred toads that are disease free.

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