What is a toad?

A toad is actually a type of frog. Toads are fatter than frogs, they have warts where frogs have smooth skin and they can live in drier climates than frogs can. The line between frogs and toads is not always clear and some species can be classified as either. Toads are native to most of the major landmasses of the world except Greenland, Australia, New Guinea, New Zealand, Madagascar, and the polar regions. They are most abundant in tropical regions.

Caring for a toad

Toads should be kept in large aquariums. Fill the bottom with dirt and a dish with filtered or bottled water. You can add moss and logs to make the toad feel at home. The aquarium should have a tight-fitting lid and the tank should never be left open. Change the water daily as the toads tend to use the water dish as a toilet.

Feed your toad live insects. Toads will eat anything that fits into their mouths as long as it is alive. Large toads can eat pinkie mice, earthworms and night crawlers. Do not feed a toad fireflies as they can be harmful to it. Toads can get very fat and this is a sign of good health. A large toad and a small toad shouldn’t be kept together, since the larger one may eat the smaller one.

Toads prefer not to be touched. If you must touch your toad, wash your hands afterwards. Toads secret a toxic, defensive substance from their skin when they feel threatened.

Toads can be kept outdoors. Bury a large clay pot halfway in the ground and adding some dried leaves to the bottom. Enclose the area with a fence so other pets can’t get in and be harmed by the toads, but the toads can crawl in and out of the openings. A small light at night will attract moths for the toads to eat. Include a water dish (changed daily) and fresh leaves.


Toads don’t give you warts, as many people think.

Toad species:


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