Bearded Dragon

Bearded Dragon

What are some facts about the Bearded Dragon?

The Bearded Dragon is native to Australia. It is an excellent climber and lives in rocky, arid areas. Heads are large and triangular. Bodies are flat with pointy side ridges. Colors can be light tan to dark brown and highlighted with red, gold or blue. When it puffs out its throat, it looks like a beard. Bearded Dragons are 16-24 inches long. Life Span is 6-10 years. Most of these dragons are calm and don’t mind petting or handling.

How do I care for and feed the Bearded Dragon?

Provide as large and aquarium as possible. You’ll need a minimum 40 gallon tank for an adult. Bedding can be coconut fiber, crushed rocks or potting soil. Include branches, rocks and logs for climbing and basking. Temperature should be 70-80 degrees. The basking site can have a UVB mercury vapor lamp where the temperature can be 100 degrees. Also a UVB bulb the length of the enclosure should be provided. The diet should consist of gut loaded insects, small mice, vegetables and greens, such as carrots, peas, squash, zucchini, collard greens and parsley. Once in a while they can be offered fruit. They will eat small lizards and snakes. You should mist the dragon daily as some of them prefer to lick water off the cage. DO NOT leave houseplants near the Bearded Dragon as most are toxic. Leave a shallow dish of fresh water daily.


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