Wearing Fur at the 2013 Inauguration

Fur at 2013 Inauguration

Many celebrities attending the 2013 inauguration and the galas that followed were seen wearing fur – fur that once covered a real animal’s body.

We humans no longer have to depend on animal fur to keep us warm in cold weather. In times long ago, it was a necessity, but that’s no longer the case.

The Friends of Animals group reminds us that animals such as mink, chinchilla, rabbit, lynx, fox, seal, should not be killed to adorn some human’s body. If we continue using fur, there is always the possibility that these animals will become endangered species and even extinct. Besides upsetting the balance of nature, their beauty will be lost to us.

Friends of Animals (FoA) asks that you wear a button that says NO to Fur, letting everyone know you care and encouraging others to do the same.

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