Green Iguana

Green Iguana

What are some facts about the Green Iguana?

The Green Iguana is bred in captivity in Central and South America and imported into the U.S. They are also some bred in the U.S. Either make good pets. The Green Iguana is a vibrant shade of green with a long, straight tail. They live over 20 years. Iguanas are better kept as single pets. Males can be more aggressive than females. Green Iguanas seem to like human interaction and enjoy being scratched. Some will urinate and defecate in water and other can be paper trained. Desert Iguanas are native to the Southern U.S. and northern Mexico. They should live in desert conditions in a terrarium They are light brown with dark brown bands and grow to about 14 inches. Diet is the same as for the Green Iguana, just cut the vegetable in smaller pieces.

How do I care for and feed the Green Iguana?

A 60 gallon tank or large wire or mesh cage is suitable. Non-toxic plants, branches, rocks, untreated logs can be added. In their natural habitat, they can be found lounging in trees. As they like to climb, keep that in mind when housing them. They will also be happy being free in the house. Check with the breeder as to heating and light fixtures. Green Iguanas are vegetarians. The diet should include frozen mixed vegetables, fresh, washed vegetables, some fruits and dried fruits. Weeds and grass from your garden can be added. You can include the following as treats for your Iguana – rose petals, geraniums, nasturtiums, carnations, dandelions and hibiscus flowers and leaves. While they consume moisture from food, you should give your Iguana a good soaking daily.


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