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What are Kingsnakes like? The California King snake is native to the Southwest U.S. from California to Arizona. Adult length is about 3-4 feet. They have interestingly patterned bodies and make good pets if handled gently. A 15 gallon tank that is secure should be provided. As with all snakes, check with the breeder about […]

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Do Frogs make good pets? Depending on what part of the world you live in, Frogs are considered good or bad luck according to some myths. With the proper care, Frogs can live anywhere from 4-15 years in captivity. While they don’t require the same type of heating and lighting equipment as other reptiles, they […]

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Red-eared Slider Turtle

The Red-eared Slider Turtle is a member of the Emydidae. The three subspecies include the Red-eared Slider, the yellow-bellied slider (Georgia, Carolinas, Virginia)and the Cumberland slider (Tennessee). The Red-eared Slider is native to the Mississippi from Louisiana north to South Michigan and west through Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. This slider has a broad red stripe […]

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Bearded Dragon

What are some facts about the Bearded Dragon? The Bearded Dragon is native to Australia. It is an excellent climber and lives in rocky, arid areas. Heads are large and triangular. Bodies are flat with pointy side ridges. Colors can be light tan to dark brown and highlighted with red, gold or blue. When it […]

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CPR Performed on Tortoise

The Hermann’s Tortoise natural habitat is Mediterranean forests. But due to humans developing their space, there aren’t many to be found in the wild. They are small tortoises and are herbivorous, eating vegetables and soft fruits. In the wild they may eat small insects, but it’s not necessary for their diet in captivity as long […]

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Greek Tortoise

The Greek Tortoise habitats include Southern Spain, Northern Africa, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. They can be found from dunes at the seashore to mountain steppes, usually in hot, arid climates. They will dig burrows when summer temperatures are too hot or in winter, too cold. These Tortoises are shy critters, but once they […]

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Sulcata Tortoise

What is the Sulcata Tortoise like? The Sulcata Tortoise is native to Africa but has become a popular pet in North America. Adults are 2-2 1/2 feet long and can weigh 100-200 lbs. Since they grow so large, you might consider keeping them outdoors. How do I care for and feed the Sulcata Tortoise? They […]

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Savannah Monitor

What are some facts about the Savannah Monitor and other Monitor Lizards? Monitor Lizards are known to be the most intelligent of reptiles. Their natural habitat is Africa, parts of Southwest Asia to Australia. Savannah Monitors are about 3-4 feet long. They live 10-12 years. The Nile Monitor adult is 7 feet long.The Mangrove and […]

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What are some of the different species of Python like? The Ball Python grows to 3-5 feet long and lives up to 40 years. It is docile and easy to handle, but best to get a Ball Python bred in captivity. It will roll itself into a ball to avoid danger. A 30-40 gallon tank […]

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Green Iguana

What are some facts about the Green Iguana? The Green Iguana is bred in captivity in Central and South America and imported into the U.S. They are also some bred in the U.S. Either make good pets. The Green Iguana is a vibrant shade of green with a long, straight tail. They live over 20 […]