What are Kingsnakes like?

The California King snake is native to the Southwest U.S. from California to Arizona. Adult length is about 3-4 feet. They have interestingly patterned bodies and make good pets if handled gently. A 15 gallon tank that is secure should be provided. As with all snakes, check with the breeder about heating and lighting requirements. Humidity should be low, but a small water dish can be included in the tank along with rocks and logs. Feed mice once every 10-14 days.

The Eastern King Snake averages 4-7 feet in length. They have what appears to be a chin pattern on their bodies and are sometimes referred to as the Chain King Snake. They are native to the eastern U.S. from New Jersey to Florida and west to Alabama. They live in swampy areas and forests. Lifespan can be anywhere from 1–20 years or more. They seem to enjoy handling, so do so regularly. The 29-40 gallon tank should be secure enough to prevent escape. The King Snake may eat other snakes so should live alone. A deep layer of pine or aspen shavings or bark should provide a place for your snake to hide in. Adults are fed every 7-10 days with killed mice. Fresh water should always be available.

The Kingsnake and Milksnake are closely related with similar habits and needs.


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