Savannah Monitor

Savannah Monitor

What are some facts about the Savannah Monitor and other Monitor Lizards?

Monitor Lizards are known to be the most intelligent of reptiles. Their natural habitat is Africa, parts of Southwest Asia to Australia. Savannah Monitors are about 3-4 feet long. They live 10-12 years. The Nile Monitor adult is 7 feet long.The Mangrove and Water Monitors are also 7 feet long as adults. These two are more aggressive and won’t be tamed. Savannah Monitors can become a bit tame, but as with all monitors, their bites and scratches are painful.

How do I care for and feed the Monitor Lizard?

Monitor Lizards need very large, very secure enclosures as they will try to escape, even bite their way out. Provide a place for them to hide in and rocks or logs to bask on. Ask your breeder about heating and lighting the enclosure. They enjoy sitting in water sometimes, so a large shallow water dish should be available. Monitors are messy lizards, so be sure the tank is easily cleaned. The water will have to be changed often. Adults can be fed a variety of insects and mice twice a week with a hard-boiled egg as a treat. Young monitors will feed every 2-3 days.

As with all pets, get as much information as possible before purchasing a lizard.


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