Green Anole

What do Anoles look like?

The Giant Anole is 18 inches long. It has a small crest and is green with lite spots. Males have a dewlap. Giant Anoles can be aggressive and should be kept alone.

Knight Noles are about 13-20 inches long and live about 15 years. They are native to Cuba, but can be found in Florida as well. They are bright green in color and can change to greyish-brown and have sticky toe pads. They can be very aggressive, so handle with care.

The Green Anoles, native to the U.S., are small, 8 inches long including the tail. Those bred in captivity are easier to handle. Lifespan is about 4-8 years.

How do I care for and feed Anoles?

The aquarium should be at least 10 gallons, more is better. If you have more than two Anoles, have only one male to prevent aggression. Anoles should not be kept with other species. Like all reptiles, Anoles are cold-blooded and daytime temperatures should be about 75-80 degrees F. Anoles eat a variety of insects and can be fed “gut-loaded” crickets that your pet store can provide. “Gut-loaded” means the insect has been fed with fish flakes or fruit so that your reptile has the benefit of nutritious food. Knight Anoles will drink from a shallow bowl. but for most reptiles, spray the plants in the aquarium with water and the Anoles will lick the leaves.


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