Kole Tang

Tangs, or surgeonfish, are popular because of their bold coloration and interesting body shapes. They are a marine fish and can be kept with most other types of fish. The name “surgeon” comes from its base tail fin appearance that resembles a scalpel, and is in fact very sharp.

Some tangs can grow to be very large (about 15 in. long) and need plenty of swimming room as well as hiding places. Because of their size and aggressiveness, hobbyists often keep only one tang fish in a tank. Due to their active nature, they need to be fed 4 times a day.

Tangs are very sensitive to disease in the home aquarium. However if the tang is fed enough algae and the aquarium is properly maintained disease should not be a problem. It is usually necessary to quarantine the animals for a period before introducing them to the aquarium. Monitoring of the water quality is essential for preventing parasitic saltwater fish disease. These fish are also very sensitive to water changes and can become sick from temperature shock.

List of Tang (Surgeonfish):

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