Giant Day Gecko

Giant Day Gecko

Where is the Giant Day Gecko from?

The Giant Day Gecko can be found in the subtropical and tropical areas of Madagascar. The humid forests and trees and ground vegetation are to its liking. Adult Day Geckos are 8-11 inches long. Life span is up to 16 years.

What is the temperament of the Giant Day Gecko?

Day Geckos should be handled as little as possible as they are very fragile. In trying to escape your hand they will twist and tear their skin. While the skin heals quickly, it will scar. If Day Geckos feel threatened they will drop their tails. They become easily stressed, so best to use a plastic container of fishnet to remove them from their enclosure on order to clean it.

What type of enclosure should the Giant Day Gecko have?

The enclosure can be a terrarium 2x2x2 feet which will house one to three adults. Males Geckos are territorial and should not be housed together. Bottom cover can be coconut fiber, moss or potting soil. The Day Gecko is an active lizard, so lots of branches and other elevations such as stones should be provided. They will need a basking place as well with a temperature of 85 degrees. The rest of the cage temperature can be 75-80 degrees. Be sure to provide a UVB bulb to ensure the health of your pet. A small water bowl can be provided but Geckos prefer drinking their water from objects in the enclosure. They should be sprayed twice a day and humidity kept at 60-70 percent.

What is the Giant Day Gecko’s diet?

Day Geckos are omnivorous. They enjoy a variety of insects dusted with calcium and multivitamin supplements. They will also eat fruit, either baby food fruit or fruit that has been food processed. This can be offered twice a week. They can have crickets 3 times a week. There is also commercial food available for Day Geckos.


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