Tips For The Proper Care Of Your Bearded Dragon

Should you wish to possess a bearded dragon in your own home, then you need to know a few basic tips that will help take better care of your pet. Bearded dragons are considered to be good pets for most people, even people who have zero previous experience with keeping reptiles. Most families, especially kids now like to have bearded dragons as pets as not only they may be friendly but additionally adapt well towards the surroundings.

Choosing Your Pet

Before you acquire a bearded dragon, make sure you examine it carefully at the pet store or breeder’s place. Active dragons make the best pets because after you step near them, they look at you with bright and alert eyes. Such pets enjoy spending time with the owners and you alsowith your new companion.

The dragon you select to purchase should not have any injuries, deformities, burns or sores and ought to be perfectly clean without warning signs of pus. Never buy bearded dragons which are smaller than 6 inches since they are very delicate and quite likely going to get ill.

Providing The Perfect Enclosure

Before you bring your pet home be sure you contain the right enclosure with all the right heat, light and temperature arrangements. Although dragons can live in small spaces, it is best you allow them a large space to play and maneuver around. This will help dragons grow healthy. Your pets need enclosures that have proper air circulation and humidity control settings. Bearded dragons are reptiles so they want to remain dry and love warm climates. There are many bulbs and heating elements available for sale that will help keep a perfect habitat to your desert lover. These friendly lizards love playing around, so having substrates (material towards the bottom of the enclosure) is additionally not a bad idea.

Giving Good Nutrition

Feeding your dragon correctly is critical as an improper diet can impact your pet’s growth and could produce illness. Attempt to feed your pet with food that’s clean and nutritious. It’s also wise to offer water that is clean to your pet by placing a shallow bowl within the enclosure.

Cleaning Your Pet

Pets need to be kept nice and clean, and that means you can bathe your “beardie” once weekly using warm however, not hot water. (Confirm the temperature before you set your beardie within the tub to prevent injury). The water level must be about chest high or halfway through your pet’s front arms. You shouldn’t leave your pet unattended in the tub. When you feel you can provide basic bearded dragon care, you’ll be able to ultimately bring it home to have loads of fun everyday.

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