Know More about Cancer Treatment

Depending on the type of cancer, cancer can be treated in different methods. Cancer treatment has three types, including surgery, external radiation, radiation seed implants. The more you know about these treatments and their potential side effects, the better you can prepare for them. At the mention of cancer, many people will feel frightened. Now, cancer is one of the most serious diseases that caused millions of people to die every year. Cancer is a disease that abnormal cells divide without control and attack other tissues at the same time. Through the blood and lymph systems, cancer cells can develop into other areas of the body.

External radiation is a common cancer treatment. In the procedure, the patient experiences no pain, as if he or she took an x-ray. External radiation therapy operated in an outpatient center takes little time. External radiation therapy is usually done five days a week for five to eight weeks, depending on the size, place, and type of cancer. Surgery is a procedure taken by a lot of people to treat cancer. If cancer cells are developing in a local area, surgery is a good option to remove the organ suffered along with the nearby tissue that is likely to contain cancer cells. The scale of surgery can be determined after the surgeon realizes the extent of the cancer during the operation. Surgery usually offers the successful result when cancer cells have not spread to other areas. Sometimes, radiation may be delivered for the use of implants, which are also called seeds. This procedure is called radiation seed implants. Seeds are small containers of radiation placed in or near the area colon cancer, cells exist while the patient is under general anesthesia or local anesthesia. With seeds, the patient can have a higher total dose of radiation in a smaller size of area and in less time. To treat cancers of the prostate, head and neck, uterus, and cervix, this procedure is the first choice.

In general, the possibility of eliminating cancer is high if it is detected early. In addition, the patients also should hold a positive attitude toward this disease and coordinate with the doctor. To be honest, sometimes although the patients feel they are totally recovered after the cancer treatment, there are still some cancer cells that exist in their body. So, it is required that they have a checkup every few years.

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