Greek Tortoise

Greek Tortoise

The Greek Tortoise habitats include Southern Spain, Northern Africa, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. They can be found from dunes at the seashore to mountain steppes, usually in hot, arid climates. They will dig burrows when summer temperatures are too hot or in winter, too cold. These Tortoises are shy critters, but once they feel comfortable, they become curious, respond to you and can be quite entertaining.

Greek Tortoises grow 6-7 inches long. They can live from 50-80 years.

The Greek Tortoise can call a large plastic tub or a terrarium, home. Whichever you choose, size should be 4 feet long, 2 feet wide and 1 1/2 feet tall which can house 2 tortoises. Bedding can be clean potting soil, 100% organic or coconut fiber. Fill to a depth of 3 inches. Your tortoise should have several hiding places and a place to bask. The basking site should be about 95 degrees while the rest should be about 75-85 degrees. A shallow bowl of water should be large enough for your tortoise to sit in and soak. Place a UVB bulb the length of the tank for good health.

The Greek Tortoise is a vegetarian and should be fed daily a variety of grasses and flowering plants. They love leafy greens like collard greens and mustard greens. A once-a-month treat can be a piece of melon or strawberries, but not more often. Reptile multivitamins can be given once a week and a calcium supplement every other feeding.


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