Potential Life-saving Dog Collar

The Dog Caller

Named “The Dog Caller,” this collar has a SIM card, thermistor to monitor temperatures around the dog, LEDs and a coded chip. This new high-tech collar could warn you when your dog is overheating.

When temperatures reach a point that is too high for safety, a signal is sent to you, the owner, alerting you to a problem. The collar could potentially save many dogs from suffering heatstroke.

Although it could be used for dogs in cars, it is NOT an excuse to leave a dog in a hot car. The company says that it is not its intended use. There are times when a working dog must be left in a patrol car and a collar of this sort can alert an officer to his dog’s distress. The collar is probably best used by working dogs such as search and rescue, herders, etc.

The Dog Caller is still being developed by Rethink Toronto for the Toronto Humane Society. A functional prototype has been built and tested. It will be available sometime in 2013. Watch for the ad campaign.

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