American Green Tree Frog

American Green Tree Frog

The American Green Tree Frog is a good pet for a beginner. Although susceptible to stress, it is a hardy reptile. As the name suggests, this frog is native to the United States, especially the southeastern region. The American Green Tree Frog is the state amphibian of both Georgia and Louisiana.

Choosing a frog

Some unscrupulous businesspeople sell frogs which have been captured from the wild during the frogs’ breeding season. This is harmful to the frogs themselves and leads to the depletion of the species in the wild. Purchase only frogs which have been bred in captivity.

Frogs often reach pet stores in poor health as a result of the stress of the shipping process. Look for a frog with bright eyes and a green color. Stay away from frogs with brown spots, dull skin, or dry skin.

Setting up the tank

An American Green Tree Frog needs an aquarium of at least 10 gallons. These frogs are arboreal, so they need a tall tank. The tank should be covered to prevent escape. It can be covered with wire or mesh.

This frog likes to climb and should be provided with plenty of branches and plants. If you bring wood from outdoors it must be pesticide free and treated to remove bacteria and bugs.

Since American Tree Frogs are nocturnal, a light in the tank is unnecessary. If you do choose to include a light make sure it is not too bright and not in use for more than a few hours a day.

The tank should contain a shallow dish of water. This frog is not a good swimmer so shallowness is extremely important. The tank should be misted daily to retain humidity.


American Green Tree Frogs eat insects, especially crickets. Before feeding insects to frogs, they should be “gut loaded,” or fed nutritious foods. Expect your frog to eat more in the in the spring and summer than in the winter. Young frogs should eat daily but adult frogs may need to be fed only every other day.

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