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Capybaras are the largest existing rodent in the world. They are related to guinea pigs, chinchillas, agoutis. Native to Venezuela, Capybaras inhabit much of South America, living in densely forested areas near water – lakes, rivers, streams, ponds, marshes, swamps. They stand about 20-25 inches tall and weigh from 75-150 lbs. although larger specimens have […]

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African Pygmy Hedgehogs

Origin Though originally native to Africa, Hedgehogs are now bred in captivity in North America and have become very interesting pets. Hedgehogs are about 5-8 inches long with a lifespan of 4-6 years. The underside of the Hedgehog is covered with soft fur, but prickly spines cover their backs. The spines lie flat when the […]

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See also: African Pygmy Hedgehogs Hedgehogs are native to Africa, the Middle East and Europe. They are imported to the U.S. as pets, not released in the wild. You can find breeders of hedgehogs in the U.S. A hedgehog can be an excellent pet for someone who is allergic to dogs and cats. Climate plays […]

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Contents 1 Are Rats the Right Pet for You? Basic Information 2 Rat Behavior 3 Cage Recommendations 4 Rat Diet and Nutrition 5 Rat Health and Well-Being 6 First Aid Kit for Rats 7 Resources and Websites to Check Out Are Rats the Right Pet for You? Basic Information If you’re in the process of […]

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Sugar Gliders

Sugar Gliders are from Australia, Indonesia and New Guinea. They feed partly on nectar and eucalyptus sap and have a flap of skin between wrist and ankles allowing them to glide – hence their name. Life span is 12-14 years. Besides in the states of Alaska, California and Idaho, Sugar Bears can legally be kept […]

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Chinese Dwarf Hamster

The original habitat of the Chinese Dwarf Hamster is Mongolia and Northern China. These tiny creatures, similar to the Russian Dwarf Hamster, are 10-12 cm. and have a 3 cm. long tail. Their color is greyish brown with a black stripe along the spine and a white spot on the head. Females are larger and […]

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Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs Contents 1 Where does the Guinea pig come from? 2 Appearance 3 Personality 4 Environment 5 Feeding 6 More info 7 Videos Where does the Guinea pig come from? The Guinea pig also known as Cavy, originated in the Andes Mountains of South America. The people there use them as a food source. […]

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Where does the Degu come from? Degus are a type of rodent which are closely related to the chinchilla and Guinea pig, and although they do bear some resemblance to both gerbils and squirrels they are not closely related to these species. They come from central Chile where they live in semi-arid regions at the […]

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Before choosing an exotic rodent, do some research on the specific breed. Rodents which are new to the pet trade can be hard to tame and may not allow you to handle them. They can be expensive to buy and vet bills can be high so consult your budget first. Make sure there is a […]

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Contents 1 Appearance 2 What are Mice like as pets? 3 Cage and habitat 4 Feeding 5 External Websites 6 Mice species Appearance Mice vary in size a great deal, with Fancy mice usually falling between 16-18cm (6.3-7.1 inches) and show mice measuring up to 30cm (12 inches). Pet mice usually weigh between 25-50g but […]