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Contents 1 Are Rats the Right Pet for You? Basic Information 2 Rat Behavior 3 Cage Recommendations 4 Rat Diet and Nutrition 5 Rat Health and Well-Being 6 First Aid Kit for Rats 7 Resources and Websites to Check Out Are Rats the Right Pet for You? Basic Information If you’re in the process of […]

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Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs Contents 1 Where does the Guinea pig come from? 2 Appearance 3 Personality 4 Environment 5 Feeding 6 More info 7 Videos Where does the Guinea pig come from? The Guinea pig also known as Cavy, originated in the Andes Mountains of South America. The people there use them as a food source. […]

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Hamsters That Bite

Hamsters make good pets but they do bite. With a little TLC and correct handling, you can prevent those bites. Never startle a hamster by touching or picking up unexpectedly. Hamsters sleep during the day and don’t like to be disturbed. They are less apt to bite in the evening. Make sure your hamster’s cage […]

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Contents 1 Appearance 2 What are Mice like as pets? 3 Cage and habitat 4 Feeding 5 External Websites 6 Mice species Appearance Mice vary in size a great deal, with Fancy mice usually falling between 16-18cm (6.3-7.1 inches) and show mice measuring up to 30cm (12 inches). Pet mice usually weigh between 25-50g but […]

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Syrian Hamster

Syrian Hamster Contents 1 Where does the Hamster come from? 2 Appearance 3 Personality 4 Care and Feeding Where does the Hamster come from? There are many different species of Hamster. Most live in semi-desert areas from Central Europe through to Asia. They are burrowing rodents and their tunnels can be elaborately built with several […]

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Roborovski Hamster

Roborovski are the smallest hamsters and the quickest. Life span is 2-3 1/2 years. Robos are 4-5 cm. long with long hind legs for speed. An aquarium is good housing for your Robo. Shredded paper or dust-free wood shavings are good beddings. Don’t use scented beddings or cat litter. Robos have good dispositions and while […]

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Chinese hamster

The Chinese Hamster is also known as the Striped Hamster or Chinese Striped Hamster. They are small and slender, reaching an adult size of 4 inches. They have a short tail that is hairless. Color is dark and light bands on the hair with a darker back and a black line along the spine. Chinese […]

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Campbell’s Russian dwarf hamster

Named after its discoverer, W.C. Campbell, the Campbell Russian Dwarf Hamster is found in Tuva (geographically in Russia and China), in the steppes, in Eastern and Central Asia, the Altay Mountains and Northeast China. As an adult the Campbell is 4 inches long. All have a dark stripe down the back. Basic colors are grey, […]