Hamsters That Bite

Child with a Hamster

Hamsters make good pets but they do bite. With a little TLC and correct handling, you can prevent those bites.

Never startle a hamster by touching or picking up unexpectedly.

Hamsters sleep during the day and don’t like to be disturbed. They are less apt to bite in the evening.

Make sure your hamster’s cage is in an area where s/he won’t be stressed out by too much noise, lots of daylight or too much human activity.

Wash your hands before picking up the hamster to remove any odors. Your hamster may think your fingers are food if there are any lingering smells.

Keep plenty of chew toys available and replace the worn or broken ones. Your hamsters should have different types of toys such as an exercise wheel, ladder, etc.

Keep the cage clean and always provide fresh water and food daily.

If your hamster does bite you, try not to startle it by screaming. Don’t shake your hand trying to release its grip as this can cause serious injury to him/her. Using your other hand, gently lift the hamster away.

Many species of hamster like to live alone. They could be stressed if another hamster is introduced to the cage.

If your hamster enjoys handling, remember that s/he needs rest time too.

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