Chinese hamster

Chinese Hamster

The Chinese Hamster is also known as the Striped Hamster or Chinese Striped Hamster. They are small and slender, reaching an adult size of 4 inches. They have a short tail that is hairless. Color is dark and light bands on the hair with a darker back and a black line along the spine.

Chinese Hamsters are very active and quick. These nocturnal creatures can be timid but have a good nature and usually don’t nip. It’s safest to keep them separated as they can be aggressive with each other.

Due to their small size an aquarium makes the best enclosure as they can squeeze through most wire cages. Shredded paper or wood shavings with a minimum of dust are good beddings. Hamsters need exercise and you can provide a wheel, preferably plastic. Safe toys for your hamster will satisfy chewing needs.

For reasons why you should not choose a modular system such as Rotastak or Habitrail see this external article on Why modular systems are bad for your pets

Your pet food supplier will have appropriate food for your hamster which you can supplement with some tiny pieces of fresh fruit & veggies. Always provide fresh drinking water.


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