Roborovski Hamster

Robo Hamster

Roborovski are the smallest hamsters and the quickest. Life span is 2-3 1/2 years. Robos are 4-5 cm. long with long hind legs for speed.

An aquarium is good housing for your Robo. Shredded paper or dust-free wood shavings are good beddings. Don’t use scented beddings or cat litter.

Robos have good dispositions and while they startle easily, rarely nip. They are affectionate with their own kind and do everything together.

Plastic wheels and hand towel or toilet tissue rolls make great toys. You can add to your aquarium, little houses where hamsters can hide or sleep.

For reasons why you should not choose a modular system such as Rotastak or Habitrail see this external article on Why modular systems are bad for your pets

Your pet food supplier will have appropriate hamster food. You can add a small amount of hard-boiled egg and sunflower seeds. Always provide fresh drinking water.


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