Syrian Hamster

Syrian Hamster


Where does the Hamster come from?

There are many different species of Hamster. Most live in semi-desert areas from Central Europe through to Asia. They are burrowing rodents and their tunnels can be elaborately built with several rooms. The name Hamster is from the German “Hamstern” meaning to hoard.


Depending on the species they can be 2-6 inches long. Tails are so small as to be barely visible. Their cheeks expand to carry food. The thick silky coat colors are black, grey, white, brown, tan or reddish and combinations of these colors. Life span is about 2-3 years.


In order to tame your Hamster, it’s important that you handle it gently and often. They are burrowing animals and as their name implies, they hoard or store food in their burrows. Not all Hamsters get along well, so if you plan on having more than one, check with your supplier to see which species can live together.

Care and Feeding

As Hamsters like to burrow, you will want a good size cage for them. Keep in mind that Hamsters gnaw on everything so be sure than any materials used in the cage are non-toxic. Your pet food supplier will have the proper mix specifically for Hamsters. You can add seeds, nuts and millet ot the diet. Citrus fruits, lettuce, sugary foods and dairy products can cause illness. Fresh water should be available all the time.

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