Flying Squirrels

Flying Squirrel

Where are Flying Squirrels found?

The Southern Flying Squirrel is a native of North America and can be found from Nova Scotia, along the eastern part of the United States and into Mexico. It’s not advisable to take a wild flying squirrel as a pet, best to find one from a breeder. Check the laws in your state or city as it is illegal to own a Flying Squirrel in some areas.

What is the temperament of the Flying Squirrel?

Flying Squirrels don’t really fly, they glide. They can be very loving and friendly and generally bond to one person closely. They do retain some of their wild behavior but can still be good pets. Flying Squirrels are nocturnal meaning they will sleep all day and play all night. Because, as with all rodents, their teeth continuously grow, they will chew on anything. Care should be taken around anything you value in your home.

How do I care for a Flying Squirrel?

A large wire cage, 2x3x2 feet minimum, is a good home. The cage should include a nesting box, food and water bowls, a water bottle, a bedding area, hammocks if available, non-toxic branches, a non-toxic rope to glide on, non-toxic toys, untreated wood and an exercise wheel.

A Flying Squirrel’s diet should include pellets made for them, some fresh vegetables, nuts, seeds and sometimes insects. In the wild they eat nuts, seeds, vegetables, insects and fruit. As they are sometimes deficient in calcium, ask your vet about a calcium supplement. Fresh water should always be available.

Note: As with all pets, thoroughly research before purchasing so that you are prepared to devote time and attention to your Flying Squirrel.


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