Great Plains Rat Snake

Great Plains Rat Snake

What are some facts about the Great Plains Rat Snake?

The Great Plains Rat Snake is native to the U.S. and can be seen from New Jersey to Colorado and south to Texas and northern Mexico. It is sometimes known as Emory’s Rat Snake for the surveyor who collected them for the Smithsonian Institute. It’s from 2-4 feet long. Color is grey or tan with green-grey, brown or dark grey markings. Stripes on the sides of its head form a point between the eyes.The Great Plains Rat Snake is nocturnal.

How do I care for and feed the Great Plains Rat Snake?

This Rat Snake needs a tall terrarium as it like to climb and a securely fitted cover to prevent escape. You can provide branches to climb on and rocks and a hiding place. While their main diet is mice , they’ve been known to eat birds and small mammals.They kill their prey by constriction. A heavy water bowl should be provided in the terrarium.


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