Harvest Mice

Harvest Mouse

The Harvest Mouse is one of Britain’s smallest mammals at 2.5 inches long, weighing 1/5 oz. It lives in the southeast part of England. Life span in captivity can be 5 years. This mouse has a prehensile tail, meaning the tail wraps around things to assist the mouse in climbing.

A plastic or glass aquarium with a secure mesh cover makes a good cage. Bedding can be hay which they use for nesting. As they like to climb, you can provide toys and branches for this purpose.

Harvest Mice eat grain. You can also give them small bird food, meal worms, dry cat food and some veggies. It’s important to make sure they have plenty of fresh water, preferably from a bottle that attaches to the cage.

Harvest Mice are easily tamed and make good pets.


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