Multimammate Mice

Multimammate Mice are known by many names – Natal Multimammate Rat, Common African Rat, Soft-furred Rat. They are referred to as the link between mice and rats.

The fur is long, soft and silky. The body is 15 cm., the tail is 11 cm. and weight is 60 gms. Lifespan is 2-3 years. This is a common African rodent. Multimammate means many-breasted.

These rodents are social creatures and will live happily with others of their species. They can be nippy and may bite, so care should be taken when handling them.

Housing can be a large aquarium with a secure mesh top or a hamster cage. A deep base of shredded paper, aspen shavings or straw make good bedding material. A solid wheel, plastic or wooden boxes, twigs, cardboard tubes can all be added to the cage for this active, nocturnal animal.

For reasons why you should not choose a modular system such as Rotastak or Habitrail see this external article on Why modular systems are bad for your pets

Diet is a rodent mixture with added fruits, veggies and insects. Fresh water should always be available.


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