Spiny Mice

Spiny Mouse

Spiny Mice – Egyptian and Arabian

Spiny mice live an average of 3-5 years. They are 1 3/4-4 inches long. The tail is 1 1/2 times the body length. Colors are agouti, tan and cream. They have fox-like faces, large eyes and rounded ears. Hair along the spine is thicker and stiff which gives them their name.

They are very curious and don’t show fear. Spiny mice will chase each other when they are playing or mating or establishing pecking order. Since they are social creatures, at least 2 should be kept together. Spiny Mice are not aggressive but should be handled often to become tame.

Suitable housing is an aquarium with a secure mesh top. Bedding should be dust-free and with as little odor as possible like aspen shavings. Cardboard or plastic tubes give Spiny Mice hours of fun. As rodents, they need to chew and will enjoy untreated pieces of wood. Solid wheels and places to climb can be added.

Diet should be a high protein mix with no fruit, dried insects, occasional fruits and veggies, cereal, dry dog or cat food. Spiny Mice are prone to diabetes so fruit should be kept to a minium and given only occasionly. Always proved fresh water. It’s important to keep the temperature no lower than 65 degrees, preferably 75 degrees.


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