2012 Victories for Animals

Shark finning

The ASPCA, HSUS, International organizations, Friends of Animals, Best Friends and so many more dedicated to saving animals and giving them better lives have had a number of victories in 2012.

  • The hounding of bears and bobcats by radio-collared dogs has been banned in California.
  • Foie Gras (goose liver) is banned in California.
  • In Idaho, a law was enacted making animal torture an offense and cockfighting a felony.
  • In Massachusetts, under Animal Control Reform, statewide programs include spay/neuter, prohibition of breed-specific legislation, restricts outdoor tethering, allows pet to be included in domestic violence protection orders.
  • Fifty major companies will eliminate gestation crates.
  • The Horse Protection Act was strengthened after HSUS investigations on horse soring.
  • New Jersey banned the slaughter of horses for human consumption and bans the transport of horses through the state.
  • In Ohio, a puppy mill law now sets standards of care and requires annual inspections. Also enacted is a Dangerous Wild Animal Act regulating the ownership of wild animals.
  • Extreme acts of cruelty to livestock are subject to felony offenses in Tennessee.
  • There is legislation banning shark finning in several states including California, Washington State, Oregon, Hawaii, Illinois, other countries and the European Union.
  • Taiwan becomes the first Asian country and joins the U.S., Mexico, 27 European Union countries, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan in banning the import of seal products.
  • Major egg producers throughout the U.S. and several countries have banned battery cages for egg-laying hens.

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